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How we got started...

Skill Levels

Below are the skill level tests that must be passed to earn that color jersey.

Similar to martial arts, the tests get more challenging and motivates the kids to work on their game.

Light Blue

Complete the Supreme 300 in 3 minutes or less


Complete the Supreme 300 in 2.5 minutes or less


Make a basket 10-ft high


Complete Blue Dribble Test   in <  3 min


Make a 3-pt shot


Make regulation free throw


Complete Red Dribble Test   in < 2 min


Shoot 30% from 3-pt range


Shoot 50% from free throw


Make layup with either hand


Complete Black Dribble Test  in < 2 min


Shoot 40% from 3-pt range


Shoot 70% from free throw


Make reverse layup with either hand


Coaches challenge

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